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Welcome to The Medina Collective website!


Hip Hop Feminists often conjure up images of scantily clad "video chicks" in bikini tops and mini skirts chanting with protest signs in tow or bra burning man-eaters who live in the woods. While we all have a bit of each in us, The Medina Collective exists somewhere in between.


We are an urban womanist collective based out of Toronto, Canada. Our goal is simply to empower women to tell their stories as DJ's, b-girls, (f)emcees, graffiti artists, video chicks, academics, consumers, and observers of hip hop and urban culture.


On this site, you will find out who we are, and what we do.


This is currently our temporary location. Please excuse the mess, as we are currently preparing to launch a top notch site for the wonderful people (like you) who are interested in finding out more information about The Medina Collective.



The Medina Collective