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The Medina Collective’s overall goal is simple.


Using six weeks of planned activities, the Medina Summer Program will encourage women to use creative writing, journalism, photojournalism, photography and illustration as a valuable way to discuss issues associated with urban culture and social justice as it relate to how Canadian women of colour shape and define their personal identities.


The Medina Summer Program operates in two stages. In the first stage, the focus is on women participating in programs themed arts focused, – including storytelling, the history of hip hop/urban culture, journalism, political ideology and social justice, and magazine logistics.


The second stage focuses on participants refining their written and/or artistic submissions for Medina Magazine with the support of a journalist, a community development specialist and/or a media industry professional. Participants will be provided designated sections in the magazine, exclusively reserved for them where they will be supported and mentored by The Medina Collective and facilitators via meetings and team building sessions. The closing activity for the entire project is a launch of the issue produced in collaboration with the Medina Summer Program's past and current participants.


The Medina Summer Program addresses six (6) major themes:

1.       Storytelling

2.       Journalism

3.       Teambuilding

4.       Photography and photojournalism

5.       Hip hop/urban culture

6.       Social justice in Canada and abroad