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Ladies First! Medina Magazine is for b-girls standing in the shadows of the b-boy’s stance; that is- it’s for young women across Canada who participates in or has a dedicated passion for all things urban. Using photography, illustration, and the art of storytelling, Medina Magazine’s mission is to create a forum which speaks to the experiences of Canada’s diverse and youthful female population. This collective voice, channelled through Medina Magazine, brings both a refreshing perspective to North America that hasn’t heard before.


Medina Magazine’s content brings readers to the ledge. Challenging, insightful and visually stimulating, the publication stimulates the senses and inspires readers to think and motivates them to respond.



Publishing Cycle:    Semi-annual

Publication Run:     1000


Distribution:           Toronto

Size:                      7.0” x 8.5”

Colour Specs:        Cover/Back- 4/4 Colour;

                             Inside- 1/4 Black and White

Cover Price:           Free

Distribution Points:

                             Toronto Women’s Bookstore


                             House of Sheeba African Arts and Crafts

                             York Women’s Centre

                             Ryerson Women’s Centre

                             Uprising! Bookstore


For a media kit, please contact us at

In the Medina Collective’s effort to ensure that young women of colour can share their stories, sections of the magazine are designated for graduates of the summer program. These sections are in bold.


Blah Say, Blah Say- A section dedicated to the appropriation of language as determined by everyday people.


End to End Burners- A section dedicated to showcasing women of colour who are redefining the concept of “urban art”.


The War Report- A section dedicated to the war on the politics of our lives. This ranges from poverty to education to employment.


The Reel- A section dedicated to finding the “gems” on film and the creators behind it.


Beats & Pieces- A section dedicated to music and literature made for the urban landscape.


Brown Skin Lady- A section dedicated to providing women of colour with ideas on how to remain beautiful inside and out.


Medina Magazine accepts unsolicited written and creative submissions from across Canada. Submissions will be reviewed by an Editorial Board.


 The contributing team include, but are not limited to members of the Medina Collective, graduates of the Medina summer program and Canada’s diverse and creative youth population.

If you are a man or woman, local or international, African, South Asian, American, Spanish or White who would like to contribute to Medina Magazine, please contact us at